Warranty Information

Builders Choice Handles

All Builders Choice door furniture containing the patented ball bearing mechanism is warranted to be free from mechanical defects for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of original purchase from an authorized distributor. Finish warranty is 12 months for all finishes.

Please contact our distributors for all further warranty information.

Security Products

Lock and security products including latches & cylinders are only warranted when installed and used in conjunction with Builders Choice (or its related brands) accessories. There is no warranty available for intermingled or mixed branded installations.

Returns & Claims For Faulty Stock

  • All warranties and claims for credit must be accompanied by relevant proof of purchase documentation. All warranty and claims must be redirected through your point of purchase. Returns will not be accepted directly from the general public or end users.
  • The sole obligation under any warranty claim shall be to repair or replace with an equivalent, those products which we determine to be defective during the warranty period. No liability or consequential damage will be incurred where the products have been repaired or in any way tampered with by third parties without prior written authorization and we shall not be liable for costs incurred, i.e.: labour, freight or otherwise.
  • No claims for credit will be valid where the products have been installed in applications outside their intended use. (for example: lever door handles used as a pull handle.)
  • The warranty does not cover; misused products, products which malfunction as a result of improper installation, abuse, abnormal stress or strain, neglect of any kind in respect to the product, fair wear and tear, or where the finish deteriorated as a result of the use of acids or harmful chemical solutions.

Finish Warranties

  • Superior Finish, (PVD) is warranted for fifty years against discolouring and tarnishing provided the product is maintained and cleaned regularly with a soft, non-corrosive water based solvent to remove grit and dirt build up that naturally occurs. The PVD finish is not warranted for modified handles or around the edging of cylinder hole punches where the base material becomes exposed.
  • Phoretic Lacquer coating on our door furniture is warranted for 5 years, Wax polished such as Mr. Sheen (TM) must be used to protect lacquer every 3 months or more frequent depending on environment i.e. Seaside, polluted area etc
  • Plated and/or lacquered finishes (CP / SC / PB / ATQ / Iron / Black) is classified as a soft finish and may deteriorate under certain environmental conditions. This is not a product fault but rather a natural deterioration process that requires maintenance and as such is excluded from warranty.

Product Design & Specifications

In an effort to maintain our innovative strength and quality standards we reserve the right to alter dimensions, construction, material, design and performance of its products. All measurements whether printed on packaging, boxes, fitting instructions, brochures etc. must be physically checked on the product before proceeding with the installation and cutting or drilling, to confirm correct measurements. Builders Choice will not be responsible for any liabilities incurred..

Patents, Copyright & Designs

  • Many products in the range are exclusive and protected by mechanical patents and worldwide design registration including protection within Australia. Any infringements of our intellectual or design rights be prosecuted, and compensation will be sought to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Furthermore, catalogues, brochures, images, leaflets, advertising materials, web site, DVD’s/CD’s or any other on line materials or its associated brands or company’s products or materials are not to be replicated or reproduced in any form or by any means, either in part or in full, without the written permission by authorised officers prior to reproduction.