Its my pleasure to introduce the Builders Choice range to all our new customers and industry partners.

The Builders Choice range, together with the Austyle range are two brands that fall under the umbrella of Superior Brass Pty Ltd.

From its humble beginnings in 1982 were its first range of 20 stock lines was stored in a small bedroom in the south eastern suburb of Melbourne, the ranges and brands have grown to include over four thousand lines allowing it the diversity to service multiple market segments and all the while, staying true to its original mission statement:

“A commitment to providing the hardware industry with high quality durable products covering the widest range of architectural styles.” (Founder: Mr. Morris Smolarski 1982)

The Builders Choice range is designed with just that in mind. Its clean and modern designs and value-added functionality are ideal for all new residential, small and medium developments. Its also ideal for retro-fitting into all renovation projects.

When the foundations of a product and the quality of the raw materials used in manufacturing is of the highest standard, the resulting finished product will only express excellence.

The ranges key features reflect Morris Smolarski’ early vision:

Quality & Durability

invisible hero iconThe invisible hero behing its superior durability is a patented 304 stainless steel ball bearing race within its mechanism. This provides smooth friction free and durable operation backed by a 15 year mechanical warranty.

fire rating icon A 4 hour fire rating that’s been tested on the handle mechanism. The test was conducted in Australia to meet Australian standards. There are no nylon/plastic washers or spacers in the mechanism.

difference icon Our mechanical difference provides peace of mind and confidence and that your investment in quality will have long term benefits.

Value & Practicallity

All in one icon ALL IN ONE: The Builders Choice lever range includes an integrated passage and privacy option in the one box. You don’t have to think of which doors you’d like to lock, the multi-function latch can be installed for either application and changed in the future for either application. Lock or Latch, the Choice is yours out of the box! If you’re a reseller, this means only carrying one line on your shelf because passage and privacy functionality is all in the one retail box.

levers iconLevers are reversible for both left hand and right handed operation which means that it doesn’t matter which way the door is hinged, our handles can be installed for either way

change your mind iconIf you change your mind in the future or want to reflect a different style, our square conversion covers are available to convert the round back plate into a square design.


I sincerely hope you enjoy using our products as much as our team have enjoyed raising the hardware bar to provide you, our customers, with a unique product that has a real point of difference. Sincerely,

Daniel Smolarski
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General Manager