Care & Maintenance

Stainless Steel Material

Iron-based alloys

Stainless steels are iron-based alloys containing a minimum of about 10.5% chromium and varying amounts of nickle; this forms a protective self-healing oxide film, which is the reason why the group of steels has their characteristics "stainless" or corrosion resistance. The nickle content provides the material wtih intrinsic hardness and long term durability. With simple maintenance stainless steel entrance handles will retain their integrity and visual appearance in wide a range of environments.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Material


The build up of grime on teh stainless steel material may effect its appearance over time. Particularly in the natural external environment where there is exposure to the elements, salty coastal areas of the build up of foreign material (persperation and residue, acids etc...) may deterirate its appearance.

Regularly maintaining and cleaning the material will retain the appearance of the finish over the long term and increase its longevity. Clean using a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals bleaches or hydrochloric acids for cleaning and always ensure cloths used for clenaing are free from grit and chemicals previously used.

It is important to make sure handles are cleaned and maintained regularly in order to rtain its appearance. The regularity of maintainance will depend on the harshness of its environment. Unless approporiate and regular mainteance of the surface occurs any applilcable warranties will be rendered void.


Follow care instructions

When handles are located in more polluted or costal environments, or areas in proximity (within 10kms) to the sea, or chlorinated pool areas, tea staning may occor on the surface of the material. Tea staning is a surface based cosmetic discolouration and does not damage the structural integrity of the base material. in this environment, it is imporant to follow the care insturctions above and regulary remove the build up of depoists on teh material that can cause corrosion. For rust or tougher stains apply a cream cleaner with a soft damp cloth, rub gently then rins with water and dry thoroughly.

When handles are located interally, residue and acids from the skin, dirt and grease cna build up on the stainless steel material. Again, follow the care instructions above. Regular maintenace will ensure logenvity of apperance.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Coastal / Cholorinated areas


Industrial/Residential areas


Interal areas

Half yearly